Week 12: Information Architecture and Content Management

I ran out of time at the end of class on Wednesday, so I didn’t get a chance to formally introduce Unit #4, the Best Practices Article. Please review the assignment description this weekend and begin thinking about potential topics for your article; we’ll discuss this first thing on Monday.

At this point, your team should have met with your Unit #3 client to finalize the details for your memorandum of understanding. If you have not submitted your MOU, please do so (either electronically or in print) no later than the beginning of class on Monday.

Next week we’ll move from “big picture” questions about strategy and scope to specific questions about site architecture and functionality. Here’s how we’ll spend each day in class:

  • On Monday, your team should submit the two personas you created at the beginning of class. We’ve talked a bit about information architecture and interface design this semester, but we’ll dig deeper into these topics during class. Before you come to class, please read Chapters 5 and 6 (pp. 78–131) in The Elements of User Experience and be ready to apply the concepts in these chapters to your client project.
  • On Wednesday, your team should submit its wireframes (at least two options) at the beginning of class. During class, we will explore the pros and cons of using content management systems to power your client sites, so please read the following articles before you come to class: “Why Do I Need a Content Management System?” and “Designing for Content Management Systems.” In addition, we’ll be installing some CMSes on your Reclaim Hosting sites, so please be sure to have your login credentials with you.

Last but not least, please remember to stay in close contact with the members of your team to discuss your plans (and problems) related to the client project. Each time you meet (virtually or in person), get in the habit of holding a quick “stand-up meeting” by answering three simple questions: What have I done since we met last? What am I going to do today? What are the obstacles standing in my way?

If I can do anything to help your team make progress on Unit #3, please email me or come to see me during office hours (T 1–4, W 9-12).