Week 5: Introduction to Unit #2, Frameworks, and Responsive Web Design

We have used Unit #1 as a platform for applying the basic principles of HTML and CSS covered in our textbook. At this point, none of you knows everything there is to know about web design (spoiler alert: you probably never will), but you should feel confident in your ability to look at HTML, CSS, and image files and understand how they fit together. Next week, we’ll dive into our second unit, the Website Modernization Project, which will introduce you to various web design frameworks and the concept of “responsive” web design. Here’s a breakdown of how we’ll get started:

  • Your Unit #1 project is due before you come to class on Monday. Please review the assignment details before you submit your project and don’t forget the final piece of the assignment: a one-page memo explaining and justifying the choices you made as worked on your résumé and landing page. (You have no other homework this weekend for ENGL 4814, so make sure that your Unit #1 project is perfect down to the last CSS semicolon!) In class, I will introduce Unit #2, the Website Modernization Project, and we will explore several sites that could serve as the starting point for your work on that assignment.
  • On Wednesday, we will take our first steps into the world of responsive web design. Before you come to class, please read Chapter 18 in Learning Web Design, “Responsive Web Design: What It Is and How To Use It,” by Kayla Knight, and the article that started it all, “Responsive Web Design,” by Ethan Marcotte. Those last two articles might make your brain hurt a little bit (especially if you’re math averse), but don’t just skim them — Unit #2 will be much easier if you comprehend the content in those pieces. Update: Before you come to class, take a look at several responsive sites linked in the Media Queries directory. We’ll talk about these in class.

If you want to talk about any of these plans, just let me know. Otherwise, have a great weekend!